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Ended 2020 doing well

Yeah, 2020 was a tough time for us in the comfort and secure societies. We don’t feel good about threats to the way we live. I am encouraged by the number of people I hear speaking about personal health and nutrition as part of the reaction to the need for a healthier and stronger immune system.

I’m riding the bike a bit less as winter progresses for two reasons; first is the weather and road conditions, and second is that my legs have continued to improve which has allowed me to run multiple days without injury. Nonetheless, Goose has some miles on it! I’m contemplating changing the rear tire to a mountain bike tire but am waiting to see what level of snow we might be in for this year, so far not much.

Speaking of running; I don’t run fast, probably around a 9:45 per mile average. I still ok with this as I rebuild my legs. I do notice a “looseness” in my knees if I push too hard too many days in a row. Easy and progressive seems to be winning the leg repair challenge. Slow is far better than stopped!

Oct-Dec 2020 totals

While 2021 hasn’t seen much change from the previous year as of yet, we can remain hopeful that if we care for ourselves and others we have much brighter days ahead. Keep working on yourself so you can be more of what the world needs.

Goose nearing 4k

Earlier posts explain more about the bikes I have, Goose being the primary ride and Kermit the backup. There has been a few times where parts or tools were needed for Goose and I was so thankful to have Kermit.

When I first started cycling I assumed a department store may last up to 2000 miles. I had no idea what I was in for as I had never pedaled anything more than required.

I knew I had exceeded the 2,000 point and was a little surprised to see that my Garmin report shows I’m just one ride from 4,000 miles in a little over a year.

In those 4k miles I still have the original front tire in service and fortunately haven’t had to do any work on the front-end. The middle and back are another story. I’ve replaced the bottom bracket bearings twice and the last time I replaced the crank axle as well. On the rear end I’m still running a standard Bell tire from Walmart. It turns out these wear a lot better than the mountain bike tires in the rear. I did mention in another post that Goose had a cavity (broken spoke), but since those repairs, things have been pretty good.

I do have another mountain bike tire for the rear in the event winter gets dicey and I need better traction.

Heading into Winter 2020

It’s been a while… first, the stats for the last few months.

Total Distance443.15 mi441.13 mi414.66 mi
Total Activity Time47:55:13 h:m:s45:43:31 h:m:s44:55:08 h:m:s
Activity Calories30,485 C30,099 C28,932 C
Total Elev Gain1,192 ft1,449 ft1,476 ft
Average Speed9.2 mph9.6 mph9.2 mph

Thankfully, I am able to alternate running and cycling each day. As winter is coming and road conditions become unpredictable, there may be more running than cycling days so I’m hoping my legs are supportive. This morning’s ride (route below) was chilly and the wind was strong enough to be an added challenge

October 24, 2020 Ride

I’m still grateful for the continued injury recovery that has allowed me to keep exercising everyday! It’s been a long road to this point and there is more work to do before I can start running faster and longer. I am okay with that!

Running is an amazing thing for me and when I lost it due to injury it was tough to accept. I really wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to run again so I am jazzed to be doing this much.

The Country Roads to home

Yesterday I came across the familiar John Denver tune “Take Me Home, Country Roads” performed by a young family group called The Petersens. As I was enjoying the scenery on a long ride this morning, I realized I hadn’t shared any photos recently, so I stopped and snapped a few. Here is one.

Looking Southwest

In the photo, the moon is still visible and the corn in this particular spot has to be over 5-feet tall. I will try to capture more photos to share going forward. Have a great day and I hope your roads take you where you want to go today.

Tuesday morning ride

Overall it was a good ride this morning, while the humidity was up, the temperature was comfortable in the low 70’s. The only low point to the ride today was being chased by a dog. I hate it when I have to deal with animals that aggressively threaten people on public roads, also the frustration with pet owners that allow it.

A beautiful Sunday morning ride

Have you seen the early morning sky the last few days? The moon has been awesome to see on these clear mornings, plus there are some other bright objects (like Venus) still in view before the sun breaks the horizon.

This past Sunday (7/5), was one of those nice mornings where traffic was light and the weather was very reasonable. Under these conditions I was able to travel on a few roads I normally wouldn’t in fear of being a traffic casualty. I found myself pedaling to the next town over, then riding the country roads home as the sun was rising in my face.

Many people dislike the flat-land Midwest, however, I have grown to appreciate it, even more since I began my outdoor exercise journey more than eight years ago.

The new helmet with the built-in visor/goggles proved to be of value on a longer ride as well, as it is nice not having to struggle with sunglasses. So many things to be grateful for. Ride on!

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