Lessons learned from a habitual outdoor runner

Month: May 2019

A guilty pleasure (M&M)

Hi, my name is Jerry and I am addicted to Peanut M&M’s.

These are just a few of my empty containers on their way to the recycler.

While I don’t gain weight from eating so many of these, I know the sugar-load isn’t an awesome diet choice. They just go down so easily while I am busy on something else like work, social media, reading, etc. If I ever stop running so much every day, these will be a bigger problem.

If recognizing a problem is the first step toward recovery, I am heading the right direction, but wow… these are so good. 🙂

March-April 2019 Run Stats

Here are the statistics for March and April 2019. Things are fairly consistent in spite of the varied Springtime weather. The weather fluctuates so much this time of year that I go from winter to summer gear overnight, literally! One day I’ll have 3-layers on in a below freezing wind-chill to the next day wearing short-sleeves only. I’m thankful to have the clothing options and gear to meet the challenge.

March 2019
April 2019

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