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Month: March 2019

900+ MFP days

My Fitness Pal (MFP) says I’ve been active for more than 900 days and I cannot argue with that.

Many folks use MFP to reach goals which is great. I use it as a journal.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I like the way my Garmin devices synchronize with it so I don’t need to add my activities. I also record my weight and food each day. I’ve heard many people say they couldn’t write down their food and exercise every day. I don’t look at it as a chore, but a way of keeping me on track. It’s like a reference tool.

While I don’t have any certain goal to achieve in weight, calories burned or consumed, or even nutritional levels of salt, sugar, or fat, I do think seeing the numbers in front of me, helps me control the absent-minded eating which used to get me in trouble.

I switch between the mobile-app and the web site based on where I am throughout the day, they each have their pluses and minuses, however, the flexibility is really convenient.

So what’s the point of this post? Find what works for you. Figure out what things help keep you healthy because without your health everything else starts to fall apart.

Thank you Under Armour for providing My Fitness Pal!

Being in an online running group

A few months ago I joined a private Facebook group of runners that Tina Muir hosts. The thing that surprised me was that I stopped blogging for a while after I joined the group.

I blog here just to get things out of my head and to share if anyone cares. I do have people ask me about my story and the “why” and “how” I run, so this is a place I can send those who are really interested. This is a very casual blog, meaning I don’t spend a lot of time on making sure I provide value to others or make much effort on grammar and proper sentence structures. I just write freestyle, ’cause I can.

Okay, back to my blog absence… what I noticed is that getting involved with the group sort of ‘scratched my itch’ concerning running. I didn’t realize that at first. As the newness wore off, I came back to “my place” to jot my randomness down. I still participate in the group and enjoy seeing what others are working on or dealing with. Most folks there are racers and I’m just a daily health runner, so while I can relate, I’m still my unique self.

I will say, Tina, is probably the most “real” accomplished athlete I’ve encountered. She shares life in full color and does it well. Check her out, you can surely find value.



The new GT 2000 7


It’s always a mix of feelings with new shoes, I like the firmness and solid (complete) sole, yet they always take a little getting used to.

This pair was activated on February 28, 2019, may they wear well. 🙂

I think I liked the model 6 a little better than the 7 when comparing the construction of the laces.  While I don’t want the strings coming loose in the middle of a run, these on the 7 are tough to release even when untied, perhaps that will get better as they break in. The model 6 was the first model I can recall with a small set of loops on the top of the string-holes, This made them easier to tie and remove, yet I never had a loose string in 700+ miles.

I still like my ASICS!



Jan/Feb 2019 Stats



The winter has been a roller coaster of events. None have been horrible, yet none steady for long. It’s felt like the artic at times, then a few days of spring-like weather, then snow, etc.

The challenge for me is knowing what to wear that meets the weather each morning. Even in the 1.5-hour lapse of time I’m outside, things can swing wildly in temperature, wind, and/or precipitation. It’s still winter!

Looking at the stats above, I am thankful for being able to continue my running outdoors, even in the weird weather.

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