A few months ago I joined a private Facebook group of runners that Tina Muir hosts. The thing that surprised me was that I stopped blogging for a while after I joined the group.

I blog here just to get things out of my head and to share if anyone cares. I do have people ask me about my story and the “why” and “how” I run, so this is a place I can send those who are really interested. This is a very casual blog, meaning I don’t spend a lot of time on making sure I provide value to others or make much effort on grammar and proper sentence structures. I just write freestyle, ’cause I can.

Okay, back to my blog absence… what I noticed is that getting involved with the group sort of ‘scratched my itch’ concerning running. I didn’t realize that at first. As the newness wore off, I came back to “my place” to jot my randomness down. I still participate in the group and enjoy seeing what others are working on or dealing with. Most folks there are racers and I’m just a daily health runner, so while I can relate, I’m still my unique self.

I will say, Tina, is probably the most “real” accomplished athlete I’ve encountered. She shares life in full color and does it well. Check her out, you can surely find value.