I figured I best place a date in the title as there will likely be other rehabilitation efforts in the future.

So I go to the Sports Ortho to discuss my knee issues and get professional advice. The team was great, the X-rays were helpful, and I will visit a Physical Therapist for some coaching.

The short version is that my ligaments are pretty beaten up, and we will focus on strengthening other leg muscles to help with the additional support needed. Cool, let’s do it!

The current routine is to slow-run twice a week for 2-3 miles, then cycle 8+ miles on the other days. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, those will likely turn into walking days.

The Sports Ortho did provide a knee brace that can be used while running. I’ve tried it twice and am not a fan, but I like it as an option! I also have some of those compression-style knee support sleeves, which are comfortable enough and provide some support.

Summer is upon us, and let’s make the most of the longer and warmer days!