Confession time: Hello, my name is Jerry, and I run a lot.


For each of us, our health and fitness is something we need to prioritize. There is not a quick fix or pill to take that will keep us permanently healthy. Whether we do something about our health is generally up to us individually.

“Maintaining your health is like paying rent and it’s due every day.”

For many years I let “nature take its course” and simply existed. I worked, ate, slept, and dragged this body along for the “ride” through it all. Many years of this behavior were noticeable in my mid 30’s and very obvious by the mid 40’s.

Like most young guys we think we’re invincible and disregard the advice of “old people” when they say drinking and eating too much is bad for us. I was in the military for nine years which created some forced health boundaries, but even those begin to collapse with the march of time and slovenly living.

A professional brief:

I’ve worked as a vehicle mechanic, classroom instructor, computer programmer, systems administrator, military field maintenance, wrecker operator, computer repairman, wireless broadband sales, trade show rep, customer support, ITSM Specialist, business consultant, Service Level Manager, Contract Negotiator, Datacenter Manager, project manager, and eLearning course creator.

Currently, I am able to blend some of my skills in the role of Technology Director for a Health, Fitness, Education based publisher. You may be thinking… you work for an education and professional publishing company and you write like this? Ha! Don’t worry, I’m not on the product development side. 🙂 This site is personal, freestyle and not meant to be a professional dissertation or deliverable.

On the side, I help businesses improve by providing perspective to their operations and business processes.