It’s Sunday, and it’s back to work tomorrow. The Thanksgiving break was a nice time to binge on some Netflix (The Evolution of Us) and study a company structure (Perficient), but I was also able to maintain my running routine. The weather was mostly cooperative with some wintery stuff on the way the next few days.


As I crested a hill this morning, the view struck me that the miles of farmland and grid of roads as far as the eye could see were organized by generations before me, who had dedicated time and money into their construction.

While these roads have seen plenty of farm machinery and rural traffic, they have also been my running tracks for the past 6 years. The majority of the over 10,000 miles and the few thousand days have been on these country roads. I supposed, in a way, I have some of the best-maintained running routes around.

I am grateful for well-maintained county roads and limited traffic.