Yesterday I came across the familiar John Denver tune “Take Me Home, Country Roads” performed by a young family group called The Petersens. As I was enjoying the scenery on a long ride this morning, I realized I hadn’t shared any photos recently, so I stopped and snapped a few. Here is one.

Looking Southwest

In the photo, the moon is still visible and the corn in this particular spot has to be over 5-feet tall. I will try to capture more photos to share going forward. Have a great day and I hope your roads take you where you want to go today.

Tuesday morning ride

Overall it was a good ride this morning, while the humidity was up, the temperature was comfortable in the low 70’s. The only low point to the ride today was being chased by a dog. I hate it when I have to deal with animals that aggressively threaten people on public roads, also the frustration with pet owners that allow it.