When you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, you can make people wonder if you’re sick or dying. It’s true, I had the bold-folks come right out and ask, others would seek out a family member and ask with concern. I get it, when your skin starts to loosen and your body definition starts to alter, it can look like you may be getting treatments for something.

Your clothes start to get baggy, and your belt starts to get longer, you look and feel less than stylish, but it’s part of the process. I found Goodwill to be my friend. It doesn’t pay to buy new clothes that fit during this time, you’re a work in progress. I found a lot of clothes that helped me transition from XL to Medium and some small clothing at very reasonable prices.

On the flip-side, we found ourselves eventually donating hundreds of dollars of oversized clothing back to our local Goodwill and similar charities.

Don’t give away your large clothing until you’ve been your “new self” for at least six months! Your new lifestyle should be a routine and not just another goal. We can fall off the wagon, we can get tired of the work, our emotions get the best of us, stuff happens! Hopefully, you have a new-you, and you are stable enough to comfortably clean out the closets and purchase some right-sized outfits.