Corn Huskers Lotion is my favorite. Why – because it helps relieve the irritation of dry weather skin and has a minimalist scent. Screenshot from 2018-12-12 14-09-18

I know I’m not the only one who has dry skin when the cold weather sets in. Combined with the additional hand washing during the winter cold and flu season, the hands can get a bit irritated.

Hands, feet, even my nose gets rough in the winter weather. Elbows and knees, shin and toes too! Yes, my nose… if you run outdoors, I think you’ll agree, you need a handkerchief or towel to keep up with the condensation while running.  The recurring wiping can really dry the skin. Again, the Corn Huskers is mild enough to help even there.

Screenshot from 2018-12-12 14-11-32With my best efforts to maintain and/or revitalize the skin, I still have the occasional skin-split around a fingernail (cracked fingertips). If you’ve ever had these, you know how much they can hurt and impede ordinary tasks!

I use one of the “liquid bandage” products for these cracks. The product provides a layer of protection and doesn’t wash off quickly, plus I believe it helps speed up the healing process by reducing the open exposure.

Yes, it stings a little going on, but no more than bumping the split on something just one time.