I’m a big proponent of keeping moving after an injury. If you read yesterdays post about losing some skin, I am of course still hurting the next day. I have seen some amazing healing from using this method and the quantity of body issues I’ve had to work through are diverse.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to our bodies! We need to, but we also need to push ourselves as we will almost always take the path of least pain, as it is a built-in feature. I follow a sports injury physiotherapist online and she recently did a video about this topic and I must say my own experiences align with her thoughts. Give it a listen if your interested.

I start out slow to see what my body is going to do and tell me. Does this pain become just an annoyance? Does it hurt so bad I can’t stand it? Or can I compensate by slowing down or leaning on a different muscle or technique?

I will also preface this by saying that you should get some rest, think about your nutrition, take it easier than normal to give your body some time to recover. Eat right, drink lots of healthy fluids, apply heat or cold to the areas as applicable. Let others help and care for you!

With my knee aching and skinned, my elbow/forearm skinned but starting to scab over, and my left side still jabbing me, I managed to get an 8.6 mile run in at a pace that was even better than expected (9.15 min/mi).