Yeah, 2020 was a tough time for us in the comfort and secure societies. We don’t feel good about threats to the way we live. I am encouraged by the number of people I hear speaking about personal health and nutrition as part of the reaction to the need for a healthier and stronger immune system.

I’m riding the bike a bit less as winter progresses for two reasons; first is the weather and road conditions, and second is that my legs have continued to improve which has allowed me to run multiple days without injury. Nonetheless, Goose has some miles on it! I’m contemplating changing the rear tire to a mountain bike tire but am waiting to see what level of snow we might be in for this year, so far not much.

Speaking of running; I don’t run fast, probably around a 9:45 per mile average. I still ok with this as I rebuild my legs. I do notice a “looseness” in my knees if I push too hard too many days in a row. Easy and progressive seems to be winning the leg repair challenge. Slow is far better than stopped!

Oct-Dec 2020 totals

While 2021 hasn’t seen much change from the previous year as of yet, we can remain hopeful that if we care for ourselves and others we have much brighter days ahead. Keep working on yourself so you can be more of what the world needs.