It’s been a while…

Personal challenges, society, health, economics, family, work, focusing on other things, etc. Yeah, whatever, that’s life, right?

I think about writing quite a bit, then never seem to find the energy or time as excuses can be easily made.

So here we are in October 2022. What’s going on? My visit with illness hit in late December 2021. While I was only out for a few days, the lingering effects remained for 6+ months. Most notable was oxygen absorption. I will estimate that 7-8 months were affected by difficulty with deep breathing, even when every other system appeared fully functional. When you like to run, breathing is kind of a thing.

On top of that little breathing thing, I was nursing my knees from previous incidents, only to trip on a raised sidewalk one morning in August, thus extending the knee issues.

Ok then, enough with the whiney backstory!

It’s early October, the mornings are getting cooler, and deciding what layers to wear on a ride or run is getting more time-consuming. There is no ice on the ground, but the wind speed in these temps is very noticeable. I am still running in the 5-7 mile range versus the 8-9 I was running before 2020. The lungs and knees are feeling better, and with the potential of slippery weather, the bike rides may reduce, so running becomes the daily routine.

I am grateful for what I can do!

The shorter winter days also bring back the stars to my morning routine. The sky is amazing, and seeing the sun break the horizon daily reminds me how blessed I am.