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Learning to stay warm on a bike

I felt I had a pretty good handle on staying warm while running in the cold, but I’ve not got it down while riding the bike. Too hot, too cold, too drafty, too sweaty, cold fingers, cold toes, etc. And it’s not even that cold yet!

The toes are a repeat problem. I’ve yet to keep them warm a complete ride. I’ve tried different shoe and sock combinations with little success but I will keep on trying.

The new GT 2000 7


It’s always a mix of feelings with new shoes, I like the firmness and solid (complete) sole, yet they always take a little getting used to.

This pair was activated on February 28, 2019, may they wear well. 🙂

I think I liked the model 6 a little better than the 7 when comparing the construction of the laces.  While I don’t want the strings coming loose in the middle of a run, these on the 7 are tough to release even when untied, perhaps that will get better as they break in. The model 6 was the first model I can recall with a small set of loops on the top of the string-holes, This made them easier to tie and remove, yet I never had a loose string in 700+ miles.

I still like my ASICS!



Lead Leg Day

Lead – as in the metal! The… heavy… metal.

Most people use the term “leg day” as the day to work the legs. They were working alright!

Have you ever had a run where your legs are just heavy? It seems that each throw of the leg is a chore! This morning’s run was like that. Of course, I have to evaluate the reason why.

It rained overnight, so I wore an older pair of shoes expecting to get wet, I didn’t. Old shoes have less spring and support adding a little more stress and less comfort.

There was customer impacting systems problems at work that I woke up to… it was on my mind as the team started heading toward the issue.

The temps were in the hard-to-dress-for range. Where the standing temp is in the mid-’40s but the unpredictable wind-chill is in the mid-’30s. Oh, and don’t forget the probable chance of rain… which didn’t happen.

There were no stars or sunrise to look at, no planes tracking across the sky… just gloomy clouds.

I started out late due to the above-noted work issue and had an early meeting on my calendar forcing me to shorten the run for time sake. Grr.

Stress is a downer, a distraction, a burden. If you can shed it before the run, it may surprise you how much better things go. Yes, running does relieve some stress, but on days like this, not enough!

I know… poor, poor, little ‘ol me. Nah, I am blessed! I get to run each day, what a gift! I am just sharing how life can make running a little tougher. I still ran over 8 miles at a 9:08 pace which was way better than I assumed it would be while out there.

Have a blessed day!


December 2018 kicks

20181126_183753.jpgBlack Friday/Cyber Monday/Clearance Special


They were at a good price at my local store (Body N’ Sole), so I scooped them up.

My current pair is wearing out faster than anticipated with just over 500 miles (see below) on them, so when a good deal appears I had to grab them even if I won’t start wearing them for a few more weeks.


Low Traction Running

snow covered ground

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This morning (Nov 15) was our first significant snow. I’m estimating 1-2 inches was on the unclear roads in the country. I have forgotten how much additional work it is to run when each step is on loose snow!

Post-run2018-11-14Before the first mile was complete, I could feel the additional energy drain. I have had to break out my heavier winter gear the last few days due to the cold wind chill (as seen on the right).  Today the temperature was in the upper 20’s with the wind in the upper teens making it a bit more bearable.

I wear layers of clothing always trying to get the proper temperature where I stay warm but not sweat excessively as to cause a chill as I deal with the wind changes. My outer layer is a lightweight coat I found at Farm and Fleet in the raincoat section. It is very water resistant and blocks the wind well. Today I had three layers under the coat and insulated wind pants, hat, gloves, and scarf.  I stayed warm but a little too warm while running with the wind. I can unzip the coat about half-way down and close the gap using the velcro tabs thus allowing some airflow.

The first 4 miles it was still snowing and blowing from the North, but as I rounded the route West toward home, the snow had let up, and the rising sun was brightening the pathway. The strain from running with such poor traction had me drinking water by mile 5, which is unusual in such cool weather.

Run 2018-11-15I was able to complete my 8+ miles at a slow pace, but it was a good workout, and I’m very grateful to be able to get out there and run even if the conditions are a little rough.

My feet were a little wet from the snow melt, but they weren’t too cold or uncomfortable.

Stay warm, run strong!

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