I regularly check myself for how things are working. Below is the journal from an experiment using a vitamin B12 supplement.

My Goal

The goal is to find out if a B12 supplement will provide my body the missing elements that affect alertness. While I am not a complete Vegan, I do prefer a mainly vegetarian diet. B12 is not plant-based and can be found in seafood, poultry, and red meats. I do eat these foods, but not as a regular part of my diet.

Day 1 (Aug 1, 2017)
It arrived yesterday, so the first consumption was today. Of course, nothing to report other than I’m giving this a try.  The sleepiness hit hard after lunch, which is sadly usual.

Day 3 (8/3/17)
I’ve taken the B12 each morning after my run. As expected, no noticeable changes in my body. Daytime tiredness as usual.

One oddity I will note is the presence of what is similar to sinus drainage after a cold or allergy issue. While there is no sinus blockage, pressure, or mucus presence, there is a persistent “feeling” of throat congestion at the base of the sinus. It may not be related to this experiment, but worth noting.

Day 17 (8/17/17)

I have stopped taking the B12, yesterday (8/16) was the last time. I need to see if this issue in my throat/sinus area is deriving from the B12. I’ll give it a week or two and report any variances.

There really hasn’t been any improvement in alertness or thought enhancements either. I do have a good diet with a wide array of foods, so perhaps I am still getting enough B12.


I did not experience any benefit from the B12 supplement and found it to be an irritant to the olfactory system.