The health and nutrition topics have millions of resources and solutions available, so why even bring it up? Because I will share what I’ve tried and learned, without trying to sell you anything.

Each of our bodies is unique!

Keep that in mind with any advice you’re given. You are the only person who really knows your body and how you feel. Sure there are generalities as we have similar biological structures, however, we are each a unique being in our own unique place in life and what works for one may not work for another.

We have been conditioned to listen to the experts, the professionals, and authorities. Yet in practice, we should use those experts as resources to learn from and not blindly accept what we “should do”.

Try things out for yourself. Try different exercises, sports, techniques, foods, supplements, drinks, and combinations. One thing that will make us end a good routine is boredom, there is no need to get in a rut and become tired of the same old thing. Our bodies and minds like routines as they are easier but not usually healthy for long.

Make yourself try things, change up your running route, play a different position, try new foods. There is research that dives deep into how our digestive systems and core health can actually maintain the body systems better through variety. Check out the science over at Viome, it is very intriguing.

I try to run different routes whenever possible, there are days where the weather patterns keep me on the same path due to wind, rain, temperature, etc. When those constraints are gone, I’m looking to change it up. Variety can provide energy and adventure. The same with food, I have my go-to items, but I also go out and eat things that are not part of my routine to provide options for my body.

Being unique is not a destination but rather a life-long discovery of who you are and what makes you function optimally while adjusting to your age and life situation.