It’s amazing how much we miss as we routinely drive by. It has been really amazing how much I know about an area, neighborhood, stretch-of-road, etc. than the people who live in that area.

This wasn’t something I set out to explore, it was more of a revelation as conversations naturally occurred. People would talk about something in the area and I could add several details or examples within a near distance that they were unaware of simply because I traveled that area on foot at a slower pace.

I often listen to business, educational, and motivational podcasts while running, yet I am able to take in my surroundings quite well. I keep the volume at a level where I can hear cars coming in the distance behind me and even answer some greetings from people I meet.

I suppose the point is that we’re so busy getting places that we actually miss the things around us. Running provides an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of life today.