I ran 11 total miles in September. Yeah, I know, sad. But, I learned I can run again and that I shouldn’t push so hard after an injury. Yup, I re-injured the knee on the second run. The first run of 5-miles left me recovering fairly well and I was ready to run again in 2 days. I now know I should have stayed with less than 5-miles, for when I exceeded five, I felt the pain increase and at the end of 6-miles I was done.

The injury isn’t as bad as the beginning of August, but enough to know I’ll be riding the bike for several more weeks to recover. I have continued walking at least 2-focused-miles a day as well. Focused miles means, I went on a 2-mile walk, not just that I had X number of steps in a day.

Not that riding the bike is bad, it’s just not the same workout as running. Below are the bicycle stats for September 2019.

Speaking of the bike, at the end of September, I’m 18 miles short of 1000 miles on it, not too bad for a low-end bike. I did replace the rear tire at 850 miles as it was pretty worn out, but overall it’s holding up well!

The combined walk-run-bike summary is below.