I started my walking and jogging in some cheap Walmart shoes. At first, it didn’t seem to have a big impact as I was going slow and short distances, however, when I started increasing the distance and pace, it didn’t take long for the foot and leg pain to begin. I had a difficult time looking at the price of proper running shoes. I probably hadn’t paid more than $30 for a pair of shoes before this, now I was supposed to drop 80+ dollars!?!

I did it, I spent around $90 on my first pair. After much research and trying on shoes I selected the ASICS GT-2000 2, and I’ve remained with the brand and series. I’ve tried a few other shoes but keep coming back to the ASICS GT-2000’s. I can get about 750-1000 miles out of a pair of shoes, which is around a four-month cycle. If you use a GPS tracker like I mentioned in my Garmin post, you can track your shoe-miles easily.


When I remember, I take a picture of the new shoes as a reminder of how they look before I wear them out. I keep 4-5 pair of shoes available for those rainy weeks where a different pair is needed each day. Once they are soaked it takes a good three days to dry out. I learned early on not to run with moist shoes, the blisters come quickly when the skin gets soft from the moisture. The most I ever had in use at one time was four pair during an excessively rainy period.


My current “primary” runners are on the right in the photo above. As the inventory gets too large, I clean up the oldest shoes and donate them to a local thrift store with the hope that some other new runner can get a no-or-low cost opportunity to try the shoes and the difference they make.

I wear out the heels first, then the ball area, but for a beginner, these would still be beneficial. The shoes generally still look good and are quite serviceable, the soles are just worn down like tires with a lot of miles.

I purchase my shoes from a local sport supply store called Body-N-Sole or through Amazon, if I cannot get what I need locally.

Do your feet and legs a favor, find supportive and comfortable shoes.